Credit to BAR Listers: HGTs Loan

The Central Credit Information System (HGTs system, formerly known as the BAR list) is the system whereby banks keep track of “badly paying” debtors. In the case of private individuals, debt may be included in the HGTs list if they are due to a financial institution through loans or leases, reaching a minimum wage of

Want to Use Credit Cards Cleverly? These Tips!

Credit cards are magic cards that will make your shopping easier. You don’t have to always carry cash if you want to shop, pay for hotels and make other transactions. By holding this card, the owner can make transactions even though the person does not have any money in the wallet or in the account.

How to stabilize personal finances after holidays?

When we return from vacation it is difficult to re-adjust ourselves to our daily life, this includes adjusting finances, making payments and getting back to organizing economically. Although the ideal would be to plan the holidays so that we do not spend more than we had planned, recreation and moments of relaxation tend to make